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“Connecting People to a Real God” is the vision statement of Lawrence Kennedy, founder and Sr. Pastor of the North Church and director of Church On The Rock-International Ministries. As director for one of the fastest growing church organizations in America, Lawrence Kennedy is president of Church On The Rock International, a worldwide mission based network of over 5,000 affiliate churches and ministries. His unique gifting and broad range of ministry experiences coupled with his prophetic-visionary style of teaching has thrust him into national prominence over two decades ago. Dr. Kennedy has raised up churches and taught the Word of God for more than thirty six years. He is an author of five books Foundations of Order Understanding The Need for Biblical Church Government in The Last Days, This Present Victory, Supernatural Weapons of Warfare and Rock Foundation I and Rock Foundation II. His practical application of Gods Word brings clear direction to the Body of Christ. Dr. Kennedy and his wife, Coral, are founders and senior pastors of The North Church, a congregation in North Dallas, Texas that has grown to over 4,800 members in fifteen years. Having studied in Canada and the United States, Dr. Kennedy earned a Bachelors degree in Theology, and a Masters degree in Christian Education. He also holds a Doctor of Divinity from Southern California Theological Seminary and a Doctorate in Christian Psychology from Florida’s Jacksonville Theological Seminary. Lawrence and Coral Kennedy have been married for 30 years. They reside in Coppell, Texas with their two children Lance, 21 years old, and Allie, 12 years old.